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China box office sales hit a record high in , by pulling in billion yuan, or some 6.8 billion US dollars, with domestic films ing a large chunk of that growth.在年,中国电影票房销售额创历史新高,超过了0亿人民币,即68亿美元而国产片票房在其中占据了很大一部分According to the country film regulator, China box office sales have boosted a whopping 8.7 percent in the last year alone.根据电影监管机构数据显示,中国电影票房销售额在去年同比了增长8.7%This figure marks the highest rate of growth since . As the total annual box office in China five years ago was only billion yuan.这一数字也是自年以来的最高增长率五年前,中国的总票房只有0亿元Official data indicates a total of 81 feature length films, including 7 Chinese titles, surpassed the 0 million yuan box office threshold.官方数据显示,全年票房过亿元影片共计81部,其中国产影片占7部One highlight of last year box office was seven high-quality domestic films listed on the top earners, including Monster Hunt, a live-action hybrid, and Monkey King: Hero is Back, a 3D animation based on the classic ancient story.去年电影市场的一个亮点是,共有七部高质量的国产影片在票房前名的榜单中其中就包括真人与动画结合的《捉妖记、以及基于经典古代故事的3D动画电影《大圣归来Only three Hollywood productions, Furious 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Jurassic World, made it into the top at the Chinese box office in .同时,只有三部好莱坞大片成功挤进年中国电影票房销售额的前十名它们分别是《速度与7、《复仇者联盟:奥创纪元以及《侏罗纪世界It is also reported that Chinese citizens made 1.6 billion cinema visits in , a roughly 51 percent increase from a year earlier.该数据还显示,在年,共计有亿6000万人次的中国观众进入电影院,这一数字也比前一年提升了大约51%In addition, a total of 8,5 screens were newly installed last year, at the rate of screens added every day. The total now stands at 31,67 screens.此外,去年共计新增银幕85块,相当于每一天,都有块银幕投入使用现在全国共有大约37块银幕 01976宝鸡金台区包皮手术哪家医院最好There nothing quite like curling up with a good book and visiting your favorite literary characters. Theyre wonderful, lovable, and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside没有什么比拿起一本好书、拜访你最喜欢的书中角色更美妙的了他们如此美妙可爱,让你发自内心感到温暖But with them, come...those other characters. The characters that you loathe. The characters that you know you could like, if they just changed that one thing about themselves. Theyre the characters you just want to smack但随之而来的还有其他一些角色,那些你讨厌的角色你知道,如果这些角色能做出一点改变,你也许会喜欢他们的而面对这些角色,你只想给他们一耳光These characters arent necessarily bad; in fact, many of them are the protagonists of their stories. But good guy or evil witch, these characters are all in severe need of a wake up call, with a healthy side dose of reality这些角色不一定是坏人;事实上许多还是故事的主角但不管是好人还是恶魔,这些角色都急需被现实唤醒Check out our list of famous literary characters wed like to slap. Who would you add to the list?看看我们总结的个欠揍的著名文学作品角色,你还想把谁加上去?Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby杰·盖茨比——《了不起的盖茨比The pitiful, self-centered Daisy Buchanan has been classified decades as one of the worst characters of all time. But perhaps the real problem with the novel was Jay Gatsby himself. The constant pining over someone as terrible as Daisy is exhausting and makes him every bit as (if not more) horrible than Daisy可悲可叹、自我为中心的黛西·布坎南一直被认为是有史以来最讨厌的角色之一但也许这本小说里真正的问题出在杰·盖茨比自己身上苦苦守候像黛西这样糟糕的人让他筋疲力尽,而且让他比黛西还要可怕Amy March, Little Women艾美·马区—— 《小妇人Amy March is the reason youngest children have a terrible reputation. As a little girl, she a collicky, spoiled brat, constantly ruining her older sisters outings. As a young adult, she snobby, uppity and way too obsessed with her nose艾美·马区的存在让所有家庭里最小的孩子都有了坏名声她还是个小女孩时,就是个爱哭的被宠坏的孩子,总是破坏她们的郊游而成年以后,她又势力、傲慢,而且过于着迷于自己的鼻子Miss Havisham, Great Expectations赫维辛——《远大前程Miss Havisham adopts a daughter the sole purpose of using her as a pawn to torment the male species. HOW AWFUL IS THAT?! Plus, that rotting wedding cake must have made her house smell disgusting赫维辛收养了一个女儿,而目的只是利用她作为筹码来折磨男性多可怕呀!另外,那个腐烂的婚礼蛋糕一定让她的房子充满了恶心的味道Romeo Montague, Romeo amp; Juliet罗密欧·蒙太古——《罗密欧与朱丽叶Oh, Romeo. You only knew her four days. Did you really have to kill yourself over a girl that you knew less than a week? Not to mention, she was only , and your romance would be illegal in most countries噢,罗密欧,你认识她只有四天你真的有必要为了一个认识还不到一周的女孩去自杀吗?何况她只有岁,你的罗曼史在大多数国家恐怕是非法的Joffrey Baratheon, A Song of Ice and Fire series乔佛里·拜拉席恩——《冰与火之歌系列小说Simply put, this kid needs a good spanking简单地说,这个孩子需要好好教训一顿The Cat in the Hat, The Cat in the Hat戴帽子的猫——《戴帽子的猫Sure, the Cat seems like a fun guy, until you realize he broke into a home, invited his friends over, trashed the place, and then disappeared without a trace. Also, he speaks in obnoxious rhymes是的,这只猫看上去好像很有意思,直到你意识到他闯入了一个家庭,还邀请他的朋友一起,把这个地方搞得一团糟,然后又消失的无影无踪而且他说话的韵脚也很讨厌Edmund Pevensie, The Chronicles of Narnia艾德蒙·佩文西——《纳尼亚传奇Did Edmund actually know what Turkish Delights tasted like when he sold out his entire family to the White Witch a box? those of you unfamiliar, here a great description of the treat: ;It tasted like soap rolled in plaster dust, or like a lump of Renuzit air freshener: The texture was both waxy and filling-looseningly chewy.;当艾德蒙向白女巫出卖他的整个家庭来换取一盒土耳其软糖的时候,他是否真正知道糖的味道呢?对于不熟悉故事的人,这有一段不错的描述:“这种糖吃起来好像裹了石膏灰的肥皂,又像一块瑞风空气清新剂,感觉又柔软又蓬松难嚼”Harry Potter, Harry Potter series哈利·波特——《哈利波特系列小说Harry Potter is one of the greatest literary characters of our time, but he also one of the most eminently slappable. He constantly not listening to people and breaking rules, then getting into danger breaking said rules. Two hundred points to Gryffindor!哈利·波特是我们这个时代最伟大的文学人物之一,但他也是最欠揍的人物之一他总是不听别人的话,破坏规矩,然后又陷入危险给格兰芬多学院加0分!Willy Wonka, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory威利·旺卡——《查理和巧克力工厂Willy Wonka was a confectionary genius (Everlasting Gobstoppers, anyone?). But the factory he manned was an extremely unsafe workplace environment. Children who entered his workplace often went missing unexplainable reasons -- how did no one investigate Mr. Wonka that?!威利·旺卡是一个糖果天才(制造吃不完的石头弹子糖,有人想吃吗?)但是他的工厂是一个极其不安全的工作环境进入他的工厂的孩子们总是无缘无故失踪了怎么没有人调查旺卡先生呢?!Effie Trinket, The Hunger Games series艾菲·纯克特——《饥饿游戏系列小说You cant help but want to shake some sense into Effie Trinket. Her perma-positive attitude when sending children to meet their death is nauseating enough to make you want to send her into the arena你忍不住想要给艾菲·纯克特灌输一点良知她把孩子们送去面临死亡时的积极态度令人恶心,这已经足够让你想要把她送上竞技场了Waldo, Where Waldo?沃尔多——《沃尔多在哪里?Why cant you just be where youre supposed to be, Waldo?你为什么就不能待在你应该在的地方呢,沃尔多?Tom Sawyer, Adventures of Tom Sawyer汤姆·索亚——《汤姆索亚历险记Tom Sawyer is a fence painter, death-faker, genuine American psychopath. We dont know why Huckleberry Finn was friends with him汤姆·索亚是个围栏油漆工,爱装死,是个真正的美国精神病患者我们不明白为什么哈克·贝利和他做朋友Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Peter Rabbit彼得兔——《彼得兔的故事Peter Rabbit mother told him not to go into Mr. McGregor garden. That was THE ONLY RULE. Come to think of it, Peter Rabbit and Harry Potter would get along great彼得兔的妈妈告诉他,不要进入麦格雷戈先生的花园这是唯一的一条规矩考虑到这一点,彼得兔和哈利·波特也许可以友好相处 387宝鸡男性尿道炎怎么办What are women’s favorite brands?Our post, “Why CEOs should do housework,” drew a bunch of interesting comments, including one from Dr. LPC in Canterbury, England, who cites research showing that “couples where husbands contribute to housework are also more likely to have additional children.” Dr. LPC surmises that this “must result from all that additional sex they get…” Whatever. That August Postcard was about a new book, due out next month, called Women Want More, by Boston Consulting Group senior partner Michael Silverstein. The book is a Women’s marketer’s guide to capturing “the world’s largest and fastest-growing market.” Last week I had lunch with Silverstein–who labeled me a “fast-tracker,” which is one of his six consumer categories. And I guess it’s the best one to be in since fast-trackers, % of the female population, comprise % of female earned income. Fast-trackers seek adventure and learning, the marketing man says. Okay, as I sought more learning on this topic of female buying power (women spend over 70% of consumer dollars globally, I learned, and are outpacing men in income growth), I dove into the data he left me. One chart, in particular, struck me as practically as interesting as Silverstein’s stats about where in the world husbands do housework and where they don’t. Practically as interesting–and much more practical, if you’re a marketer. When Silverstein and his G colleagues asked ,000 women in countries about her “favorite brands,” here are the ones that got the most mentions, in order: Nike (NKE), Apple (AAPL), Sony (SNE), and Banana Republic and its retail sister, Gap (GPS). After those came Adidas (ADDDF), Target (TGT), and Dove (UL). Investment companies and banks and automakers, Silverstein says, don’t stand a chance in this “favorite brand” tally because women, the G research shows, say those businesses don’t understand their needs. “The providers effectively diss women,” Silverstein says. Hmm, I would add that financial firms and car companies often confuse customers more than simplify. They complicate their offerings. Nike, Apple and the other favorites score because their pitches are clear and direct, even when the products are complex. And what do women want more of most of all? Time. That, we all could’ve guessed! 8763宝鸡蔡家坡经济区泌尿外科

宝鸡做包皮医院哪家比较好宝鸡西大医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱His offer to win her hand? Fifty cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats.为了赢得芳心,他许诺了什么聘礼呢?50头牛,70只绵羊,还有30只山羊;People might say I am after the family money, which is not the case. My love is real,; he told the Nairobian newspaper.基普罗诺对内罗毕的一家报纸表示:“有人觉得我这样做是为了奥巴马家的财产,其实不是这样!我这是真爱”Moreover, he adds, he been faithful to his beloved since he first became aware of her.他还称,从第一次注意到玛利亚起,他就一直对这份感情很忠心;I got interested in her in ,; he said. ;As a matter of fact, I havent dated anyone since and promise to be faithful to her. I have shared this with my family and they are willing to help me raise the bride price.;“从年就开始爱慕玛利亚”他说,“事实上,从那时开始,我就没有和任何人交往我决定真诚对待玛利亚我已经将这件事告诉了家人,他们也愿意帮我积攒聘礼”He currently working on a letter to announce his intentions and plans to give it to the local U.S. Embassy.目前,他正在写一份信表明心迹,并计划将其交给当地的美国大使馆According to prices on Africa Farming, Kiprono offer could be worth in excess of ,000.非洲农场的行情计算,基普罗诺的聘礼总价值超过9万美元(约合人民币56万元)There are some issues, of course. one, Malia Obama is . another, shell have to develop a taste village life.当然,还有一些问题存在其一,玛利亚才岁;其二,她还得培养起对乡村生活的兴趣才行;Ours will be a simple life. I will teach Malia how to milk a cow, cook ugali (a porridge) and prepare mursik (a sour milk) like any other Kalenjin woman,; he said.“我们的生活很简单我会教玛利亚挤奶,煮玉米粥,做mursik酸奶,就像其他卡伦金族的妇女们一样”他说Who says you cant put a price on love?谁说爱无法用金钱来衡量? 377877A group of attractive young people live in adjacent apartments and spend a lot of time hanging out in coffee shops and talking about their lives.一群魅力四射的年轻人住在相邻的公寓中,常常聚在咖啡馆中畅谈人生The Chinese TV sitcom Ipartment, which ended its third season recently, may have made the audience laugh. But it also the target of criticism.刚刚播完的国产情景喜剧《爱情公寓III或许为许多观众都带来了欢笑,但同时也成为了众矢之的Viewers are complaining that dialogue and scenes have been copied from the US hit sitcom Friends and other TV shows.观众纷纷抱怨,剧中的许多对话和场景都明显在抄袭热门美剧《老友记和其他电视节目Zhang Yan, , a fan of Western soap operas from Zhengzhou, Henan, established cpartment.com, where he and other viewers post screen shots after each new episode, comparing it to US sitcoms to demonstrate possible plagiarism.岁的张彦(音译)来自河南郑州,身为西方肥皂剧迷的他建起了一个名为;抄袭公寓;的网站每次《爱情公寓新一集播出后,他和其他观众就会上传一些视频截图,并与美剧相对照,指出涉嫌抄袭的桥段According to Zhang, at least of the sitcom episodes have more than 70 percent of their plot directly copied from seven Western serials including How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and IT Crowd.张彦表示,在《爱情公寓III的集剧情中至少有集,70%以上的情节照搬《老爸老妈浪漫史,《生活大爆炸以及《IT狂人等7部西方剧集With an average of 3,000 to ,000 clicks every day, the website has caused many Internet users to denounce and boycott the show.该网站的平均日点击量达到3000—000,受其影响,许多网友公开谴责并抵制该剧集;I dont mean to ruin Ipartment. I just want to put pressure on some Chinese directors and scriptwriters. I hope they stop copying,; he told China Daily.他在接受《中国日报记者采访时表示:;我不是存心想要诋毁《爱情公寓我只是想给国内的一些导演和编剧施点压希望他们能停止抄袭行为;Wang Yuan, Ipartment scriptwriter, admitted on Sina Weibo that he a die-hard fan of American sitcoms and that he tries to progress and innovate through imitation.《爱情公寓的编剧汪远在新浪微上承认自己是美国情景喜剧的铁杆粉丝,表示自己试图在学习中进步,在模仿中创新He would be glad, he wrote, if he could emulate one-tenth of what they are doing right. Later, in an interview with Sina.com, Wang said he has used American sitcoms narrative rhythms, classic story arcs and jokes as a reference.他写道,如果能学到他们的十分之一,他就已经很欣慰了在新浪网后来的一次采访中,汪远表示自己只是把美国情景喜剧中的叙事节奏、经典的故事脉络和笑料当做参考However, a spokesperson of the show surnamed Cao denied plagiarism in an interview with Southern Metropolis Daily.但该剧发言人曹某却在《南方都市报的一次采访中否认了抄袭之说;Comedies have stereotypes, like the handsome man, the gorgeous woman, the cheap man and so on. They have that in many comedies,; Cao said. ;Our creation is not plagiarism, but more a homage to the American sitcom.;他说:;喜剧都很老套,帅男,美女,还有屌丝等等,很多喜剧都会有我们的创作不是剽窃,而是对美国情景喜剧的一种致敬;The show, which is ;just entertainment; according to Wang, has won many fans (presumably teenagers who arent old enough to have watched series such as Friends).这部汪远口中;仅供;的剧集赢得了众多粉丝的追捧(大概是那些年龄太小还没看过《老友记之类剧集的青少年人群)But a copycat case like this leaves fewer chances hardworking writers who spend years creating high-quality work, because producers tend to choose quick writers who can finish a script in a couple of months.但像此类的抄袭事件,却使得那些呕心沥血、苦干多年只求创作精品的剧作家们前途更加渺茫,因为制片人倾向于选择那些几个月就能写一个剧本的快餐式作家;The reason that plagiarism hasnt stopped is because it hasnt been punished so far,; veteran scriptwriter Liu Hua told China Daily.资深编剧刘华(音译)在接受《中国日报记者采访时表示:;剽窃仍大行其道,原因就在于到目前为止还未得到严惩;;But the power of the Internet may improve the situation. People have a broad view, and you cant possibly cheat about anything.;;但是网络的力量已使得状况有所改观人们的视野开阔了,任何事情都瞒不过大众的眼睛; 195818宝鸡西大男科Adult virgins almost never get any love from sitcoms (or, you know, any shows) but The Big Bang Theory is doing their best to cater to that most underserved of audiences. In a very special episode airing December , BBT Sheldon and Amy will finally sleep together. ;After over five years of dating, we felt the time was right Sheldon and Amy to finally consummate their relationship,” said EP Steve Molaro after filming the episode. “And we’re so excited the audience to see the journey over the next several episodes.” I want to write bazinga! but I have just enough self-control to stop myself.情景喜剧(或者,你懂的,任何电视节目)很少会考虑老处女的感受,但《生活大爆炸却将倾其所能迎合这部分常被忽略的群体的感受在月日播出的《生活大爆炸特辑中,谢尔顿和艾米终于要滚床单了剧集总监史蒂夫·莫拉罗说:“经过5年多的约会,我们觉得现在是时候让谢尔顿和艾米的关系圆满了观众即将看到的接下来几集剧情让我们特别兴奋”我真想写这是“逗你玩”!但我忍住了 those of you who dont watch The Big Bang Theory, the nerdy couple portrayed by Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik provide an interesting spin on the ;will they or wont they?; story. Most shows either delay the mation of a couple as long as possible (say, Niles and Daphne) or, alternatively, drag out the specifics of a romance (Ross and Rachel straight up had a child and lived together but still didnt get it) seasons. As the show enters its ninth season, Sheldon and Amy have been in a long-term relationship years without venturing toward sexual intimacy.没看《生活大爆炸的人可能不知道,这对书呆子情侣由吉姆·帕森斯和马伊姆·拜利克扮演,关于“他俩会不会那个?”上演了很多有趣的桥段大部分电视剧都会要么尽可能的推迟一对情侣合体(就像《欢乐一家亲里的奈尔斯和达芙妮),要么一连几季推迟呈现浪漫的细节(《老友记里的罗斯和瑞秋先有的孩子,后来同居,但还是没有上演浪漫细节)《生活大爆炸已经进入第九季了,谢尔顿和艾米这对多年来关系稳定的恋人一直没能走向“亲密接触”Having sex will require negotiating the pricklier aspects of Sheldon supercilious yet socially awkward personality, as well as both of the characters virginity. The couple is currently broken up on the show, having ended things during the season-eight finale, but will undoubtedly ree in time to fumble toward romance. Meanwhile the network had ordered the show through a planned tenth season, but really … isnt ;super nerds find true love and finally get to have sex; kind of the perfect note to end on?因为谢尔顿性格高傲、不善交际,所以发生性关系前先要摆平他这方面棘手的特质,并弄清两人对贞操的看法这对情侣于第八季结尾时关系破裂,目前是分手状态,但毫无疑问两人将会及时复合,以便跌跌撞撞走向浪漫目标与此同时,电视台已要求《生活大爆炸计划于第十季剧终,不过说实话……“超级书呆子找到真爱并最终与之滚床单”难道不是个挺完美的结局吗? 83宝鸡割包皮

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